Travel Professional International Charged $1800 cancellation fee for Family Vacation

Regina, Saskatchewan 1 comment
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Travel Proffessional International charged us $1800.00 Cancellation fee when we Found the EXACT same family vacation thru a different supplier for HALF the price!! They didn't even try come up with a reasonable solution!

Their customer service was very unproffessional!! I have been booking vacations for us for over 25 years and this was, by far, the most painful experience yet! Even after paying the cancellation fee, we rebooked(exact same vacation) with a different supplier and still saved $2000.00!

I can now see why TPI advertises on their website that their agents get"best commission rates in the industry". Keep ripping people off like this and I guess commission should be good!!


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First off it's not actually tpi that ripped you off,it was one of their home based travel agents,any proper agent would have either refunded you or price matched.

Put the blame on the travel agent not tpi

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